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Hendersonville Elementary School, the School of Innovation and Exploration, located in the southern portion of Colleton County, serves approximately 460 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Students come from a predominately rural setting with 70% African American students, 28% Caucasian students and 2% from other ethnic origins. Our vision at Hendersonville Elementary School is "Every day, every student will experience success with grade level standards in a safe and supportive environment that promotes college and career readiness." 

 Hendersonville is in its second year of implementation of The System for Teacher and Student Advancement (SC TAP).  SC TAP is a comprehensive school reform model that provides opportunities for professional growth, instructionally focused accountability, and multiple career paths.  Using this model, teachers are given additional support by mentor and master teachers to strengthen their ability to present lessons using research based strategies, analyze data, and become more reflective in order to effect change in the classroom.

The Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) was continued during the 2013-14 school year.  This system promotes positive student behavior and character development on a school wide basis while emphasizing our motto “Be SHARP”.  Students who needed additional support participated in a check in, check out mentor program that involved more specific behavior intervention strategies.

Parents provide support to our school through their involvement in programs and activities, such as SIC, PTO, Volunteering, Dr. Seuss Readers, and Mentoring.  We welcome parent engagement as a way to strengthen home and school communication Our goal is to help our students develop as independent thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners with personal responsibility and good moral character.

Tasheena Allen, Principal

 Pastor Joseph Williams, SIC Chairperson